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This section of commands will appear as votes
for all viewers to enter during polls.

➤ VIPs can add ombEYE to their vote to have more voting power.
(any emote from onemrbean's Twitch channel will work)
➤ Any command not currently in a poll will be applied immediately.

Command Description
fast ombEYE
slow ombEYE
brakes ombEYE
speed up gameplay
slow down gameplay
slow down gameplay on each miss
shade ombEYE
glare ombEYE
invert ombEYE
darken the screen
brighten the screen
invert colors
flip ombEYE
automove ombEYE
autopress ombEYE
flip left/right controls
automatically move into correct lane
automatically press input when in correct lane
perfect ombEYE
flawed ombEYE
avoid ombEYE
only gain points on perfects
only gain points on non-perfects
only gain points in wrong lane
clean ombEYE
blur ombEYE
fog ombEYE
hide lane markers
blur the screen
add maximum fog

VIP Commands Only!
These commands can only be used by VIPs.
(sub to Bean to instantly become a VIP)

morning ombEYE
day ombEYE
sunset ombEYE
night ombEYE
omni ombEYE
void ombEYE
change the time of day
desert ombEYE
forest ombEYE
village ombEYE
plains ombEYE
mtn ombEYE
city ombEYE
ocean ombEYE
sky ombEYE
change the current region
unfog ombEYE remove all fog

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